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Virtual Excellence in Economic Development & Indian Achiever’s Awards 2021


Economic Development Forum offers your organisation a range of practical benefits designed to assist you in bettering your performance and results. Few of these benefits are – access to facilitated assessment tools, training, networking opportunities, access to best practice information and templates, regular communications, business related articles, presentations and award winning applications, entry into the Economic Development Forum's Excellence in Economic Development Awards etc. forum also lays special stress to acquaint all the applicants in order to apprise them with the others' best practice.

In a survey conducted by EDF, it is revealed that awards inspire not only the individuals but companies also. It is a well known fact that awards instill in them a feeling to perform even better which in turn enhances not only their income and business but their zeal as well to challenge their limits. Economic Development Forum is a membership organization which is having members from all walks of society viz. public to private, rural to urban and local to international. We are proud to say that the membership of forum extends sizeable opportunities for improving your network. It is evident from the fact that this Annual Conference of EDF which is being attended by over 500 delegates offers excellent platform to you to have wide range of discussions on the topics of your mutual interest. We, at forum firmly believe that this one to one interaction will hugely benefit you in the long run and definitely prove to be a boon for the economic development for all of you.

EDF is the organization helping the economic development profession. From public to private, countryside to built-up, and local to global, our members represent the whole range of economic development experience including, Regional & state, economic development organizations, Business Agencies. Community Development Organizations. Information & Technology Companies, Educational Institutions, Consultants & Professionals.

The strength of our forum comes directly from the knowledge and ability of our members. This capability includes:
Business marketing and its expansion
Rural & Urban Development
Workforce development
Infrastructure and business finance
Industrial Development
International trade practice
Society development
Tourism development

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It's an exciting time to be involved in economic development, and edf is at the heart of it. Join Today and control the strength of our united membership to get ahead...and get things done. The Forum will support your organisation by providing a information for your business improvement journey and also provide the opportunity for you to join with other like-minded organisations that are working towards organisational excellence.

"Share and learn best practice, See what excellence looks like Develop a culture of continuous learning and improvement"

Forum provides the power of leadership and knowledge to serve you, the professionals who lead the community. EDF member has worked on it. our members represent the entire range of economic development experience and our offerings reflect this diversity. By joining Forum, our members' expertise becomes yours. In a global economy, you never know where the next opportunity to advance your career or community will come from. Forum gives you the chance to form and foster relationships with economic developers from around the world. As your community evolves, it demands fresh ideas and inspired solutions. Today, Forum offers you more options than ever to develop the skills that will make you a better economic developer and advance your career. Your success depends upon your capability to make the greatest impact on your community as quickly as possible.

"Membership of Economic Development forum is open to all Indian businesses"

Membership Benefits

The Economic Development Forum can offer your organisation a range of reasonable benefits considered to assist you in achieving high levels of performance and results. Benefits include access to facilitated assessment tools, training, networking opportunities, access to best practice information and templates, regular communications, business related articles, presentations and award winning applications, entry into the Excellence in economic development Awards, etc.

A chance to learn from others' best practice as all applicants will receive a journal showing good practices from other Awards' applicants, Heightened awareness of business excellence and a sharpened focus on improvement activities, Experience in India shows that award winners experienced a 46% increase in operating income and a 38% growth in sales when compared to non-award winners. Recent research in India, conducted by EDF, shows that Award winning companies achieve better financial results, share value, sales, operating income and asset growth than their peers.

Economic Development Forum invite you to its conventions to be part of this electrifying, vibrant , phenomenon event. Summit will bring together experts from various countries presenting their particular advantages in the respective sector. Forum will provide ideal platform to tap into worldwide supply chains and be a part of what is clearly a worldwide movement towards market-driven economies. Interaction with Business Organisations will also introduce you to a clear roadmap of how to do business in certain nations that may have been unclear or restrictive at the outset. This Summit will not only directly promote your business through pre-arranged meetings but also allow you to cross-network into peripheral areas, yielding some surprising new opportunities for your business.

Learn From some of most Inspiring Achievers

The Forums' Conventions /Summits offers you an exceptional opportunity to hand-pick from Worlds leader & manage Your Ultimate Success. Some of what you'll discover from the conventions mentioned below

  • Move your Career and Business to the next level
  • Learn Inspiring Stories of Leader Success and High Achievement.
  • How visualization is serious to building momentum and maximising success and achievement
  • Increase your standards, and goals, to the next level, and how to get there faster
  • Staying motivated on your journey to success and achievement
  • bound yourself with those sharing an outstanding Achiever's mindset
  • Create connections to help you move to the next level
  • Create the psychology of success and achievement
  • Get More Leads, Build Your Client List, & Close More Sales with Video, Mobile and Cross Channel Marketing Email, Social Media
  • How to develop your resources in any economy
  • Measuring success the key factors that influence your outcomes