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Our Publications

CSR TIMES is the our in-house publication, a community-based organization working for the deprived sections of society. Founded in the year 2005, the organization aims at establishing an egalitarian society in which there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or sex, and which provides equal opportunities to people to grow and prosper. CSR Times works directly with people at grass root level and encourage them to take active parts in various welfare and development programmes for the betterment of the society. CSR TIMES – an exclusive monthly English magazine on Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability since 2005 towards the cause of society. CSR TIMES covers news, interviews, information, facts, figures, and much more on CSR. In a short span of time, CSR TIMES has become a niche magazine having subscribers pan India and overseas. At present, we have a circulation of 15000 copies with a strong readership of 60,000, which includes a niche segment of its reader-base and decision making authorities. Currently, CSR TIMES is reaching top officials in Indian and Multinational Corporate Houses, PSUs, Govt. Agencies, Embassies, Ministries and NGOs.

Topics in focus are current scenario of these countries as well as economic diplomacy,business management, capacity building, trade, travel and tourism etc. which could act as an opener for business communities and entrepreneurs from India to invest and explore such ventures these countries. We extend our invitation to your esteemed organization to advertise through the magazine. We would like you to share articles in the form of advertorials. We would offer a special slot to feature the success story of leading business leaders along with photograph, and their brands in the magazine. We have a wide distribution network including the metro cities, diplomatic missions, International organizations, foreign agencies, government bodies, trade forums, leading corporate/export houses, business class hotels, airlines etc. Please send us your confirmation enable us to book adequate space for esteemed organization in CSR Times.